When a Rookie turns to be a Master Chef.

Well well well, for those who know me, will definitely find it pretty hard to believe that I CAN COOK TOO!!!! Oh well yes I can, I definitely can *pats own back*.

It is pretty hard for me to believe it as well. All these years, I have always ditched mom when she tried her level best to get me into the kitchen. Infact, hubby dear was dead sure I would starve him and we’ll end up eating at restaurants. This still holds true, but I cook too.

So how this transition from being a maggi chef to an expert chef?? Well let’s say love makes you do all kind of stuff :p :p

My darling husband is stuck with me. Why I say stuck with me, ummm you got a better word for a hard core non-vegetarian married to a hard core vegetarian?? No right, so yes, poor guy is stuck with me. Oh, but he’s definitely loving the vegetarian delights(is he really¬† though?? ha ha ha!!).

This recent love for cooking got me so excited one day that without any experience whatsoever, but yes a big Thank You to Google, I embarked on my journey to the kitchen to make Gajar ka Halwa!! Hearing from a lot many the kind of hardwork and the effort that goes into making it, I was scared to death but kept telling myself be prepared for the worst. And so with all the things ready in hand, I just kept moving ahead. The only troubles I faced was the cold water, and the lack of a food processor, as I had to slice and dice the carrots with hand.

It started off something like this and my heart beating super fast and fingers crossed for the final outcome.

Then it came to this .. .my heart still beating fast and I managed to cross all the damn fingers …

And it finally turned out much better, in fact better than expected!!! Phew…

I can proudly say that all the pain and the swollen fingers, was worth every bite. The best part was nobody knew about my little adventure in the kitchen, not until I finished preparing it. It was a surprise for my love and even a bigger surprise for my mother. Loved every bit of this experience.

And this doesn’t end here. There’s more to tell and show…

I don’t like to keep my baby away from his non veg cuisines, as a matter of fact I always make it a point that he doesn’t miss out on any opportunity where he can enjoy his choice of food. It’s like a party time for me and him when he’s craving for non veg, we go out yeayyyy I get to eat my fav dishes and he gobbles up on his chicken and mutton. There have been times that I know he wishes that I could prepare the same for him at home. Ahhh love .. the things it makes us do…

I didn’t and I don’t have the courage to do every bit of cooking a non veg meal, but I took one step and helped make delicious gravy and the masala for my darling so he can enjoy home cooked non veg. Looking up recipes on the net and preparing the best butter chicken gravy, giving tips to him on cooking the chicken. And voilaaa … Butter Chicken is ready!!!!

I love the way how I managed to make something that I don’t even eat!! Now, I experiment on making different kinds of gravy for him and he cooks the chicken in it and ohhh the look of contentment on his face is priceless. I am glad I could do a little bit to make him enjoy home cooked meals. And what’s best than cooking with your better half. Loved every bit of it.

Anything and Everything for Love.
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