Back with a Brat… (oops) Bang!!!

All things must come to a full circle.

Once upon a time, I was a brat for my parents (I still am), and now I am a Mom to a SUPER BRAT!!!

It’s been a while, I was away from this part of my life wherein I entertained the words ready to be written on a blank page. Well, they were surely entertained, and I am pretty sure they were written and even understood  very well by that blank page (yes yes I am talking about my cub). He’s like my personal story book, with as many stories as possible or beyond… and all of them are just mesmerising.

So, here I am, back to blabbering.. I mean blogging!! This space of mine, is where I love to share my thoughts, my experiences. I was away, as I got busy with being a new mother and being involved in my baby’s antics. He’s growing up now, at 4 he’s more understanding and mature than me right now.

We have been parents for 4 years and 6 months now. Each day seems to come with new experiences, well mostly new challenges which turn into experiences. Some known, some unknown, some hard, some easy and yet hard. Life with a baby/child is so predictably unpredictable. As a first time parent, even a fever of 99˚F gives you jitters and leaves you clueless. Atleast, that was the case with me, more or less, probably because it was just the three of us in a new country, a new medical system, and far away from Home.

Like all the mums out there, I too faced a few problems with my little one, something that will continue I don’t know till when (smh..)  I went looking for answers, to my parents, friends and the father of all answers – GOOGLE. With the help of Instagram moms, Facebook groups and personal blogs, there were answers available to most of the problems with same or different solutions. Knowing that we’re not alone facing these issues made me feel a little less stressed out (haha, we all know that was a joke!).

THANK YOU once again, dear Google and other social platforms, because you definitely helped me in finding a way to understand these not-so tough situations. There was help from near and dear ones too, but this is the New Generation and it comes with New Generation problems. Like the popular meme suggests “Modern problems require modern solutions”. So apt for today’s Insta Parents & Kids!!!

I also want to leave a note to all the parents out there on different blogs, and forums, Thank You for all your insights, advices and for just being supportive to all the clueless parents like Me. And also a big Thanks to our near and dear ones, even if they didn’t have any answers, they always gave us assurance. Sometimes that also works like magic.