I write, to please all the jumbled words in my head!!!

Ever since the “Blogs” took over Internet like a wild jungle fire, all I did was wonder should I or shouldn’t I try my hand at it?? Glad the mind sometimes makes you do the best things at times(if listened to). Ah so well, the actual reason to start off with blogging is because of the restlessness of these thoughts that I no more can contain, all they want is to just jump out and be expressed (How I wish they had better things to do than be EXPRESSED!!!)

It’s been a long time I let the words out of my head and onto the paper (well the days of paper are long gone now for me atleast), I mean the oh-so-popular Social Networking Sites. I am looking to solve this jumbled up puzzle in my head and want to put the pieces together so as to please them and let them be EXPRESSED..

Let’s start off with the basics … About myself!! I know of many people who can go on and on talking about themselves when NOT asked and go zipped when asked of this dreadful question(especially during stressful interviews). How do you let a stranger know EVERYTHING about you at that very second when asked, is what I’ve never understood. I mean, yeah, I can write a whole paragraph about myself. I did that as a child, in fact we all did during those Essay writing home works, and it doesn’t seem to be much of a task even today. But whyyyy, when I meet someone for the very first time and they ask – ‘”so tell me more about yourself” I run out of words. I have seen many innocent(nervous as hell) people when they’re asked the question, and they end up replying “Hi, I am so and so, I am this year old, I have done my studies from blah blah blah … ” I am sure the person intended to know more about your personality or probably your family. Anyway… there’s no judgement here because I have done exactly this whenever asked “About Myself” and at times have been just blank. Till date, I don’t know what to say when someone asks me to talk about myself. I remember blurting out silly and fairy tale like answers, but hey it’ll be a dull life if we don’t have such funny incidents to talk about, right!!

Yes I do realize, I still haven’t answered the question.. for I don’t know the right answer except “Hey, I am just another person, maybe a bit different in my own ways, and definitely different than the others in my opinion 😛 .” In simpler words, about me … I am Distinct amongst the Crowd.

Looks like I have found and placed one piece of the puzzle, I’ll go ahead and look for the rest and will be back to place it. Till then, it was a great pleasure Blog, felt really good writing after all this time and I hope that you and I get to know more of each other 🙂

Until we meet again …..