Let your Beauty do the talking.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. True, but why should the beholder get a chance to ignore your beauty hidden beneath that Acne Hell!!!

I don’t know how many of you will relate to this, but I really hope that you do connect with me on this.

Today, almost each one of you is troubled with skin issues. I thought I was the only one on whom this hell has broken loose. But I was wrong. As per what I see when I go to a mall or to a market or to a restaurant, I see all these beauties with the spots.

Everytime I see them, their beautiful face filled with acne, I just want to walk up to them and tell them they can get out of this messy skin problem they’re facing just like I have. Your pretty face is not the moon that should have spots, and its definitely not a lab rat that you experiment on it with any and every product advertised to give you the perfect skin that you want, making the situation even worse.

But getting an advice from a stranger even I would feel a bit awkward(no matter how helpful it sounds). However, this stranger humbly requests all you pretty ladies out there, please do read this and do let your girlfriends know that IT IS POSSIBLE to break out of the web of skin problems. Your visits to doctors and skin clinics is nothing but a complete waste of your time and money. They are there for a reason, and that reason is not to find the root cause, but to prescribe and experiment on you all.

I too was one of those blessed girls, who had the perfect skin pimple free, spot free. And then suddenly popped one then came the entire army taking over both my cheeks. Initially, daadi maa ke nuskhe was all that I tried, going to a doctor is always the last choice for me when I have no other option left. Nothing helped me, almost 6 months I tried different home remedies which guaranteed they’ll miraculously clear my skin. But it didn’t. For 4 years, I struggled to get rid of these acne and get my clear skin back. I went to so many skin doctors, I tried many a creams and gels prescribed by them. End result was zero.

And then one fine day of December 2013, I was just about to give up on treating my acne, and was just surfing the net for the last time knowing that I will not find any solutions for my problem. And then there it was. I was checking out the reviews of one of the products suggested to me by a skin specialist. There it was, as per the reviews on this site the product causes break out because of its comedogenic ingredients. Comedo what??!! Yes, thats what my reaction too. Well apparently comedogenic ingredients tend to block your pores and cause breakouts. And mostly products that are advertised to give you the clear skin, guess what they are Comedogenic.

I thoroughly went through the website. Read every article and spent almost a week before I finally asked the question. Till this point I thought I will not get a satisfactory answer, and probably this will also not benefit me. With billion doubts in my head, I went through and asked the question, explaining my problem in detail. Pat! came the reply from the admin. That however, was a suggestion that before I try out any regimen posted on their site, I should thoroughly go through the website, understanding every post and suggestions about the type of regimen I should go for. So after all that, and still billion doubts in my head, I took up this final experiment on me. I ordered the products mentioned and started using them, and as per the instructions I was to see results in 3 to 4 weeks time. OK, one month passed, 15 days more passed, another 15 days passed. I could see little difference in my skin. This little difference never came with any home remedies or any doctor’s prescription. I decided, I’ll check if I am doing something wrong. I asked another question, and this angel is so kind, she patiently read it and replied to it, and I poured a whole bucket of questions on her. Thats when she pointed out, if nothing is working then the problem is not outside but inside. And guess what she was right.

I had spent almost 3 years out of these 4 years, eating nothing but junk food. I had literally stopped having any home-cooked meal. All that went inside me, were pizzas, burgers, makhni daal, momos, noodles and what not. You name it and I ate it!!! So there, thats what was wrong inside of me. Your skins reflects what you put inside. And since I was feeding all the junk to my poor tummy, it got tired and rebelled against me, and gave me this acne to fight till I correct my ways.

So, I went to a doctor, not a skin specialist, but hormone specialist (usually endocrinologists are the ones who specialize in hormones thyroid etc). Told him my problem, and how I landed on his doorstep. He suggested few tests. I was majorly deficient in vit D3 and B12, two of the important vitamins important for good skin and hair among other Vitamins like A,E,Zinc etc. So there, I discussed my reports and all with the admin, and started taking the supplementation prescribed by the doctor. And 2 weeks later, I could see MAJOR difference. I mean all the acne cleared up magically in 2 weeks. I don’t get any break outs *touchwood*, all that is left to clear are the redness inside the skin, which I know will clear up, as and when I start treating the other vitamin deficiencies.

So my lovely ladies, please take note, if you have failed in all your attempts and are about to give up then this one last time, please do just this one thing and I am sure you will not regret it. All you have to do is visit Acne Mantra‘s website and you can combat with your skin issues especially acne issues and come out a winner. You will know what is it that you need to treat. You will know if you need to figure out any underlying problem causing these acne.

After 4 years of this mess and almost on the verge of giving up, Acne Mantra popped up as a savior three months back, and since then there’s no looking back for me. So all you beauties, just for once take a stranger’s advise and give your self a chance to break free. 🙂

Don’t wait for a beholder, You are beautiful and don’t let anything tell you otherwise not even your petty skin problems.
Love & Luck