As a kid, we loved those colorful, different shaped fryums (also known as Far Far). I am pretty sure, those who loved it then love it now. Some of you might have gone oil conscious on your diet. So this one is for you all, who love to eat Fryums but want to avoid all that unnecessary oil.

My kiddo loves fryums, just like me 😀 Now as a human being of selective taste buds, I love JUNK FOOD, and I have very less concerns about the oil/fat. BUT, as a mother – Healthy a yes yes yes, Junk a no no no …(hypocrisy much,eh!!) Apart from this, *touchwood* my little one is not a junk food fanatic yet. The only junk in his life is Fries, Popcorns, Fryums and Doritos.

I didn’t know that fryums could be made without a single drop of oil. I was baking fries for my son, when it hit me, can I make fryums by baking or any other way. Then I remembered, my mom making papads in the microwave. And that’s where I got the idea to make fryums in microwave. After all, it’s the same as papad, or so I thought.

Method –

  • Use a microwave safe bowl. I used the Corelle® glass-ceramic bowl
  • Put in few fryums
  • Put the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute

Fryums – DONE


Oil Free Fryums


It may take an extra 20 to 40 seconds for different shaped fryums. The above ones took just 1 minute. Be Mindful, the bowl might be hot. (this comes from personal experience)

This 1 minute snack is perfect for those hunger pangs which come unannounced. Oil free and Quick. Enjoy 🙂