It’s All about FOOD!!

Oil Free Snack for that Hunger Pang

As a kid, we loved those colorful, different shaped fryums (also known as Far Far). I am pretty sure, those who loved it then love it now. Some of you might have gone oil conscious on your diet. So this one is for you all, who love to eat Fryums but want to avoid all […]

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Kebabs & More

Why waste when you can create!! I have this recent obsession of turning all my leftovers into something that I would love to gorge upon. Pakodas, Kebabs, Paranthas for now the list ends here. I love making delicious sometimes healthy sometimes full of oil, dishes. Yes I do realize, there are many recipes out there […]

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When a Rookie turns to be a Master Chef.

Well well well, for those who know me, will definitely find it pretty hard to believe that I CAN COOK TOO!!!! Oh well yes I can, I definitely can *pats own back*. It is pretty hard for me to believe it as well. All these years, I have always ditched mom when she tried her […]

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